Great advice from experts Total Control Pro: Industry 4.0 is here and now…. So, why is the industry still not embracing this huge opportunity?

Posted on: 02/11/2017

Industry 4.0 offers significant opportunities for businesses, both large manufacturers and their supply chain as well as SME Manufacturers.

Northampton based Total Control Pro have been creating world leading software solutions for the last 8 years to facilitate productivity improvement in the UK manufacturing sector, enabling companies to embrace the opportunities from Industry 4.0.

Dorian Smellie, managing director of Total Control Pro is speaking at 1pm on Seminar Stage 1 on day 2 of this year’s Innovate 2017 alongside Andrew Steel from Forcam UK on the subject of Optimising the Digital Revolution for Manufacturers. Industry 4.0 offers significant opportunities for businesses, both large manufacturers and their supply chain as well as SME Manufacturers. As part of his talk, Dorian will look at the barriers companies are facing with Industry 4.0 and the opportunities that production line software solutions provide for both small and large manufacturing businesses.

92% of the UK manufacturing companies now know about Industry 4.0, however adoption of it is still relatively low. This is due to risk aversion and the lack of funding available to invest in solutions. Total Control Pro believe these elements can be mitigated by companies just putting their toe in the water. Companies don’t have to implement a full solution across their full production plant, they could consider just one production line to analyse the impact and help understand the mountain of data they are currently generating and experience the returns on investment that are possible. This way manufacturers can see the way to bridge the gap from where they are to Smarter Manufacturing.

Total Control Pro are generating outstanding results for some of their current clients. Working with IDSL to manage their smart door systems production processes, they have managed to triple their productivity of doors across their two facilities in the UK. ZIRCOTEK create custom made powdered coated exhaust systems for high-end vehicles such as Formula 1 and Jaguar. Their systems were completely paper driven and ineffective in tracking exhausts within the production chain. Through adoption of Industry 4.0 processes with Total Control Pro, they are now seeing results such as an increase in productivity by 15% and 2-man day savings through reduction in paperwork and tracking.

The Manufacturing team at KTN are working closely with Total Control Pro and have been instrumental in introducing them to key industry contacts such as Loughborough University who are working on helping with R&D on the next phase of their software. Listen to the case study here.

Dolores Sanders, Strategy Marketing and Performance Director at Total Control Pro said, “The KTN and Innovate UK have been instrumental in helping us make the right industry connections and shape the future expansion plans of our business. Malcolm Harold (KTN Digital Manufacturing Specialist)has helped us ‘lift our head above the parapet’ and see what’s happening over the horizon to ensure the business stays ahead of the market. We’ve recently been nominated as a finalist at the Northamptonshire SME business awards which we were recommended to apply for through the KTN Manufacturing team.”

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