Dispelling the myths around 3D Printing at Innovate 2017

Posted on: 03/11/2017

Digits2Widgets is a guest speaker of KTN at Innovate 2017 talking about SMEs and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Using 3D printing within manufacturing

Although it isn’t a new phenomenon, 3D Printing is still rather mysterious to many manufacturers today. KTN’s collaborator Digits 2 Widgets are a specialist 3D Printing service provider.  They offer a 3D Printing service; however, their point of difference is in their availability to talk to companies to help find the best solution to their problem, whether that is finding the best design, best material or most appropriate means to print or make their requirements (as 3D printing may not always be the solution).

Jonathan Rowley, Design Director of Digits2Widgets, is a guest speaker of KTN at Innovate 2017.¬† Jonathan‚Äôs talk, “SMEs and the 4th Industrial Revolution”, on Seminar Stage 1 on Day 1, will focus on real innovation within 3D Printing and how to apply it to make things better as well as best methods for adoption; e.g. when do companies need to invest in the hardware?

3D Printing is starting to have a significant impact on manufacturing, particularly in the area of specialist components. Where a manufacturer needs to produce objects in batch quantities, 3D printing can produce these items faster and cheaper than injection moulding.  It also allows companies to modify and improve parts regularly allowing the design to evolve through production.  A case study will be shown where a display lighting company that Digits2Widgets are working with are using 3D Printing to create a component for 25p per unit. Previously the traditionally manufactured part cost them €13 and was imported from Germany.

The KTN Additive Manufacturing SIG are working with Digits2Widgets to run workshops that aim to help SME Manufacturer to understand the rules of 3D printing from where they can soundly and confidently start to innovate too.

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