Geo for Earth - Episode 8: What is the role of digital twins in the transition towards a low carbon economy?

Posted on: 18/10/2022

What is a digital twin? And how are they helping the energy infrastructure? Join our guests for Episode 8 to explore the topic in more detail.

As we shift towards more weather-dependent renewable energy sources, the increased frequency of extreme weather events may have a negative impact on UK energy infrastructure. In this episode, we seek to understand the implications of this extreme weather, and explore the role that geospatial data, and in particular digital twins, play in developing a greener, and more resilient energy infrastructure.


  • Lucy Kennedy – Co-founder and CEO, Spottit
  • Sarah Hayes – Climate Resilience Demonstrator (CReDo) Strategic Engagement Lead, Connected Places Catapult


Click here for Episode 8 transcript.

Additional Resources

  • We are excited to launch our latest publication, ‘Meeting Net Zero with the Power of Place’. Each podcast episode builds on a corresponding chapter in the report, allowing you to get a more in-depth understanding of topics covered. Click here to explore the report. 
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    Luca Budello –  Geospatial Lead at Innovate UK KTN
    Andy Bennett – Space Lead at Innovate UK KTN

About Geo For Earth

Geo for Earth is a podcast series that explores the critical role that location intelligence and space data have in helping us understand our planet and tackle climate change. Organised by Andy Bennett – Space Lead, and Luca Budello – Geospatial Lead at Innovate UK KTN, the eight 40-minute episodes will feature discussions around a specific topic with two guest speakers including policy makers, sector specialists, and emerging thinkers.

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