Geo for Earth - Episode 3: How do we mobilise the trillions of dollars necessary to transition to a low carbon economy and build a more equitable & just society?

Posted on: 16/06/2022

Geo for Earth is a podcast series that explores the critical role that location intelligence and space data have in helping us understand our planet and tackle climate change. Organised by Andy Bennett - Space Lead, and Luca Budello - Geospatial Lead at Innovate UK KTN, the eight 40-minute episodes will feature discussions around a specific topic with two guest speakers including policy makers, sector specialists, and emerging thinkers.

What is the role of finance in supporting the efforts towards reaching net zero and reducing carbon emissions? In this episode, we will explore how finance can tackle injustice by supporting business to understand financial risk, and transfer wealth from developed to developing countries for the benefit of the environment and the people that look after it.


Josh Gilbert – CEO, Sust Global
Federica Bietta – Managing Director, Coalition for Rainforest Nations


Suzie Imber – Space physicist, University of Leicester
Dallas Campbell – Science and technology TV presenter

A transcript for this episode will be available soon.

Additional Resources

  • We are excited to launch our latest publication, ‘Meeting Net Zero with the Power of Place’. Each podcast episode builds on a corresponding chapter in the report, allowing you to get a more in-depth understanding of topics covered. Click here to explore the interactive report.
  • Want to join the discussion or ask for support in solving a challenge? Get in touch with us!
    Luca Budello –  Geospatial Lead at Innovate UK KTN
    Andy Bennett – Space Lead at Innovate UK KTN

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