Luca Budello

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Geospatial Insights

I specialise in creating opportunities for companies to understand the value of geospatial insights, accelerate innovation and breathe life into cross-sector collaborations. My goal is to help innovators overcome challenges and realise opportunities, growing the geospatial sector to its full potential.

Working at the intersection of knowledge fields to explores the potential of location intelligence and enabling technologies to deliver innovation is one of my main areas of work. I champion the benefit of building collaborations and look at solutions from a system perspective.

Communicating the power of geospatial intelligence to tackle global sustainability challenges, including climate change and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, is a significant aspect of my role. I support business leaders with strategic planning to realise innovation goals that aim to achieve value for all.

With a diverse background firmly rooted in Environmental Science, I can support your innovation journey by facilitating introductions, building partnerships and mentoring you in your entrepreneurial endeavours. I will help you explore the potential of location intelligence and how it works in combination with enabling technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and the Internet of Things to bring about cross-sector innovation.

I have an extensive network of professional connections – if I can’t help you, I will know someone who can.

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