Forgotten Foods UK Research Expertise and Capabilities Database

Posted on: 29/07/2022
wild watermelons

Forgotten foods describe crops that haven’t attracted sufficient research, development, and commercial attention.

However, these can offer enormous nutritional, medicinal, and economic value, and contribute to poverty reduction and improve food security in Africa, as described in our case studies series ‘Underutilised African crops could be key to better food security, nutrition and livelihoods around the world’.

Our recent event ‘Breeding approaches for African Forgotten Foods’, highlighted the need for a comprehensive public database of UK experts and organisations working on Forgotten Foods.

With that in mind, we have created the ‘Forgotten Foods UK Expertise and Capabilities Database’. This publicly available database includes UK experts and organisations working on Forgotten Foods.

With this database we aim to:

  • Increase the visibility and amplify the impact of UK .
  • Make it simpler for others to identify and connect with relevant organisations.
  • Foster new Africa – UK collaborations particularly for applications into upcoming funding calls, like the recently launched GCRF AgriFood Africa Innovation Awards Round 3.

If you’re working on forgotten food would like support to fast-track your innovation or project, get in touch with Pedro Carvalho from our Agrifood team.

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