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From 22 June 2022, Innovate UK KTN travels to Japan to focus on potential markets for collaboration in Immersive Technologies.

Posted on: 21/06/2022

Japan is a world leader in technology and gaming in particular, with a long history of pioneering and developing video game hardware and software. In addition to gaming and entertainment purposes, VR/AR technologies are already being used in Japan for experiential/training purposes (mainly VR) and navigation (mainly AR) across a range of industries such as healthcare, tourism, retail, education, real estate, defence and manufacturing.

Against this backdrop, in June 2022, Innovate UK and Innovate UK KTN will travel to Japan to deliver a Global Expert Mission, funded through the Audience of the Future Challenge, whereby a group of UK experts will meet private and public sector organisations in Japan to better understand the immersive technologies landscape and help benchmark against UK capability. The Mission will predominantly explore the creative industries, with a focus on enabling technologies, such as:


b) haptics, sonics and other sensory interfaces;

c) advanced visualisation and display technologies;

d) AI and 5G

e) Real time and associated production technologies

The team are looking forward to expanding international collaborations and will report back next month! Follow us on Twitter: @KTN_Global and #immersivetechGEM.

About Global Expert Missions

The Global Expert Missions (GEM) programme is funded by Innovate UK to support the Industrial Strategy’s ambition for the UK to be the international partner of choice for science and innovation. Led by Innovate UK KTN, GEMs play an important role in building strategic partnerships, providing deep insight into the opportunities for UK innovation and shaping future bilateral collaboration programmes.

About Audience of the Future

Innovate UK’s Audience of the Future Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) brings creative businesses, researchers and technology experts together to create striking new experiences that captivate the public. Those funded through the challenge will adopt, exploit and develop immersive technologies to create new products and services. They will capture the world’s attention and grow the UK’s leading market position in creative content. The challenge captures new global audiences and will grow the UK’s leading market position in creative content, products and services by adopting, exploiting and developing immersive technologies.

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