An opportunity to invest in some of the most innovative AgriFood Tech companies in the UK

Posted on: 12/10/2020

Nine companies working on groundbreaking tech ideas will pitch for investment during KTN’s AgriFood Tech Investment Showcase.

Investors could find their next investment at KTN’s AgriFood Tech Investment Showcase 2020, on Monday 19 October. Nine of the most innovative AgriFood Tech companies in the UK will pitch for private investment on the day.

The companies are working on groundbreaking tech ideas that have the potential to change the face of the AgriFood sector. Their projects are truly innovative and they have been selected by experts in AgriFood innovation. 

This event is only open to investors. Click here to express your interest in attending. 

Keep reading to find out more about each company and the exciting projects they’re bringing to market. 


ScotBio is an innovative biotech business pioneering nutritious high-value products from spirulina, including spirulina extract, plant-based protein and carotenoids. Unlike traditional suppliers, they grow our spirulina indoors in vessels using their patented lighting system, allowing for year-round consistency of product and offering end customers security of supply.

Beta Bugs

Beta Bugs make better insects. Their mission is to create and supply high performance insect genetics for the “insects-as-protein” sector. Their current focus is on Black Soldier Fly and its use as an animal feed, with a mission of doubling this industry’s total output, enabling it to compete on price point against commoditized feed ingredients.


After over a decade of experience in successfully delivering robot integration and electronics design solutions for clients in the agri-food sector, Pavosco is now seeking investors in a new spin-out venture targeting some specific agritech automation challenges using a proprietary vision-based AI platform for smart monitoring and robotic automation.


Glaia develops nanotechnology-based solutions for sustainable agriculture.

Their mission is enhancing agricultural productivity and reducing the pressure on natural resources by optimising plants’ performance. With an innovative approach to the development of more efficient and sustainable agrochemicals, Glaia’s disruptive technology improves photosynthesis in plants, the current bottleneck in food production.

Farming Data

Farming Data has developed a user-centric platform, Listo, that drives inclusive development in rural agro-economies. Listo enables easy trading of products and is accessible via Android/iOS, voice and SMS. They piloted in Colombia and have been endorsed by the Ministry of Agriculture. They’re currently achieving 16% monthly growth in users and are about to launch their first marketing campaign to drive even higher growth rates! In the next 5 years, they plan to expand throughout Latin America.


ARCITEKBio Ltd (ABL) is a cleantech spin-out from Aberystwyth University. Their vision is to license their proprietary sustainable manufacturing process to produce xylitol – a low calorie, diabetic and tooth friendly natural sweetener/sugar alternative. They seek investment to accelerate commercial adoption of their state-of-the-art biotechnology solution for adding value to waste sugar within a circular bioeconomy framework.


SilviBio creates seed coating technologies for improved drought tolerance and germination of tree seed, in order to meet the need to raise productivity in forestry and reach ambitious tree planting targets set by many government organisations. Their ‘survival capsule’ for conifer seed boosts germination by up to 40% in dry weather conditions.

Bigfin Technologies

Bigfin Technologies is developing a unique ultra low flow, variable rate drip irrigation control system to manage in-field variation and maximise the value of the entire crop. The system consists of a network of control units capable of boosting marketable yield, optimizing water/fertilizer use, simplifying harvesting and improving system stability.


Bionema is the leading biopesticides technology developer, specialising in chemical-free, biological crop protection for safe and sustainable agriculture.  

If you’re an investor and would like to hear these companies pitch on 19 October (event runs 2-5pm), register your interest here and we’ll be in touch soon.

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