African Agriculture Knowledge Transfer Partnerships support business-academia collaborations in Africa

The African Agriculture Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (AAKTPs) were a key element of the GCRF AgriFood Africa programme.

Posted on: 05/03/2024

Using a novel partnership structure, they brought new skills and the latest academic thinking into an African business through the delivery of a specific, strategic innovation project.

The AAKTPs involved a UK academic institution, an African business, and an African university or knowledge base to deliver an AgriFood innovation project.

The funded projects employed an individual, an AAKTP Associate, to work within the business and deliver the project in collaboration with the UK and African university partners. In this way, the projects embedded new capability in African businesses to help them grow and be successful. The in-depth training provided supported the AAKTP Associate to develop their own skills and expertise.

The projects all worked closely alongside an Adviser from Innovate UK Business Connect. This ensured that all partners and individuals involved were supported to access skills training and new networks, and that the project maximised its impact.

With the eight projects funded through the GCRF AgriFood Africa programme coming to an end, learn more about their partners and what they set out to achieve.

Fortified Flours, Ghana

UK Knowledge Base: The University of York, African Knowledge Base: University of Development Studies (UDS)  African Company: Savannah and Sahel Commodities Limited

Remote sensing technologies for crops, South Africa

UK Knowledge Base: Manchester Metropolitan University, African Knowledge Base: University of Johannesburg, African Company: GeoSpace International Proprietary Limited

Red palm oil testing, Ghana

UK Knowledge Base: Queen’s University of Belfast, African Knowledge Base: University of Cape Coast. African Company: Praise Export Services Limited

Solar-powered off-grid pre-cooling storage systems, Nigeria

UK Knowledge Base: Aston University, African Knowledge Base: University of Port Harcourt, African Company: ColdHubs Limited

Value-added food processing, Nigeria

UK Knowledge Base: University of Lincoln, African Knowledge Base: Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), African Company: Temophadis International Enterprise

Designing and developing plant-based natural product innovations using Croton seed oil, Kenya

UK Knowledge Base: University of Greenwich, African Knowledge Base: Egerton University African, Company: EcoFix (K) Limited

Value addition in the camel milk value chain, Kenya

UK Knowledge Base: University of Greenwich, African Knowledge Base: Egerton University, African Company: Anolei Women Camel Milk Co-operative Limited

Fruit fly traps, Kenya

UK Knowledge Base: University of the West of Scotland, African Knowledge Base: Mount Kenya University (MKU), African Company: Farmtrack Consulting Limited

Get in touch with Joanna Scales if you would like to learn more about these projects and what they achieved.

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