Webinar 6 – Heating for Net Zero: Grid Constraints

On 26 October, Innovate UK KTN Net Zero Places Innovation Network in partnership with the Net Zero Hubs (NZH) will host the sixth episode of the webinar series ‘Heating for Net Zero’ focusing on the power network, exploring how the network functions and how to work with the network operator to realise a project.

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11.30 - 12.30



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If we are going to move to an electrified world for heating, where the power comes from is of critical importance. In almost all situations changing to an electrically-based heating system will require interaction with the power networks.  Engaging effectively with the network operator in your area at the right time and with the right information will ensure you achieve your project on time and budget. 

This session will focus on the power network and explore how the network functions and how to work with your network operator to realise your project.  We will discuss alternatives to conventional network connections which may be applicable for certain types of heat projects.

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Series overview | Heating for Net Zero – Decarbonisation of Buildings and Estates

This webinar series, delivered in partnership with Innovate UK KTN Net Zero Places Innovation Network and the Greater South East Net Zero Hubs (funded by BEIS) is answering the most common questions from local authorities to decarbonise buildings and estates. These one-hour-long events are aiming to help and guide local authority officers who have the responsibility to meet net-zero and want to hear how other authorities have approached their net-zero challenges.

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