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EU H2020 Funded Project UFO continue with their Ideation Sessions following the success of their first webinar on the 19th November to launch the project. Coming up in December, UFO will present four event sessions to SMEs interested in the following six emerging industries: Climate and Environment, Mobility, Blue Growth, and a final joint session covering Finance and Insurance, and Digital Creative and Gaming.

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03/12/2020 - 07/12/2020

09.00 - 17.00



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The first UFO Ideation Presentation Session Webinar was organised on 19th November 2020, highlighting some of the project’s most important initiatives (including details on funding opportunities for SMEs and information on the upcoming open calls).

Webinar recording is now available


The European project UFO aims at fostering the development of cross-sectoral industrial value chains between 6 emerging industries (Mobility, Environment, Blue Growth, Finance and Insurance, Climate, Digital / Creative and Gaming), SFOs (Small Flying Objects), embedded KETs (Key Enabling Technologies) and data analysis and exploitation solutions to stimulate the development of new products and services from European SMEs.

Conducted by eight European Clusters, the UFO project’s activities will foster collaborations between SMEs from different sectors (SFO / embedded KETs / ICT and emerging industries) and from different countries across Europe. The project will support these collaborations with EU funding thanks to two Open Calls for innovation project proposals.

The UFO project partners invite interested SMEs to one or more thematic ideation sessions covering the six selected industries. These sessions will facilitate the development of new project ideas through virtual discussions and brainstorming sessions using design thinking methodology.

If you are looking at exploring new European collaborations with the potential of getting funding in the end, then we strongly encourage you to register!

Each session will be led by expert facilitators using specific design thinking and brainstorming techniques. Participants will be encouraged to look at their initial project ideas from different angles, question assumptions and thus gradually build on and improve their original solutions. The result: plenty of inspiration and new solutions that go beyond the initial ideas from the participants.

This first networking event should bring initial contacts, inspiration and concrete ideas for projects, help SMEs to develop these ideas further and benefit from financial support offered by the UFO project. UFO will launch its 1st Open Call to fund innovation projects at the end of November.

Your opportunities to discuss and connect with experts and potential partners in the UFO industrial topics:


  • 3rd December | Climate and Environment

    Climate: SFO, drones, AI, high precision Earth Observation, communication devices and IoT for Climate Change, transition and crisis management, energy optimisation, renewable resources management

    Environment: air quality, soil quality, water quality

  • 3rd December | Mobility

    SFO, drones, AI and Machine Learning, sensors and sensor networks for Zero Emissions – Accident Free mobility, Congestion, roadworks & asset monitoring, V2X, Last mile deliveries

  • 7th December | Blue Growth

    SFO, drones, AI and Machine Learning, sensors and sensor networks for offshore energy, aquaculture and blue biotechnology, maritime surveillance, shipping and coastal security, illegal, unlicensed and unreported (IUU) fishing, Managing coastal water quality, Metocean monitoring and forecasting

  • 7th December | Finance & Insurance and Digital, Creative and Gaming industry

    Finance & Insurance: SFO and KET to monitor/exploit new building construction areas, to help the decision making in the investment sector, monitor flooding in insurance, monitor pipelines and factories leaks or contamination, to create new applications in the economical development of cities

    Digital creative and gaming: SFO, VR/AR, data management for new cultural products, new touristic experiences and new forms of entertainment, media, advertising, social interconnectivity, inspiration & creativity. Culture and Heritage, gaming

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Emerging Industries New Value Chains Boosted by Small Flying Objects (UFO)

The Horizon 2020 (H2020) funded UFO project coordinated by Aerospace Valley, France, was launched in May 2020 with a budget of more than €4.3 million.


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