Emerging Industries New Value Chains Boosted by Small Flying Objects (UFO)

The Horizon 2020 (H2020) funded UFO project coordinated by Aerospace Valley, France, was launched in May 2020 with a budget of more than €4.3 million.

About the project

The UFO Project – Innovation boosted by Small Flying Objects – successfully ended on 31st January 2023. Visit the project website for results and activities.

Innovate UK Business Connect was a project partner and was joined by the experience and expertise of Minalogic (France), ICT Cluster (Bulgaria), Cluj IT (Romania), Corralia (Greece), Finance Innovation (France), and Marine South East (UK). The consortium also included the Climate–KIC as an Associated Partner.

The project ran for 30 months and aimed to support European SMEs in the development of innovative products and services by integrating new technological solutions and know-how provided by Small Flying Objects (SFOs) such as drones, small satellites and high altitude platforms (HAPS), in order to address societal challenges and emerging market industries’ needs.

Throughout the project duration, in order to foster collaborations between SMEs from different sectors and countries, there were Open Calls for Proposals with an indicative budget of over €3 million. The project supported innovative solutions from 50 – 75 SMEs. The Climate-KIC provided additional funding for climate change related topics that met their own funding criteria.

UFO Projects Showcase

This video showcase of capabilities and technologies is designed to help you find out more about the 25 projects and the SMEs that were funded by the UFO partnership.

For more information visit the website www.ufoproject.eu or follow on Twitter.

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