Sustainable Aviation Fuel Cafes

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18/04/2024 - 21/11/2024

10.30 - 11.15



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The Sustainable Aviation Fuel Cafe Series presents you with a selection of speakers at the forefront of developing technologies and solutions to produce SAF. Find out about the latest developments and get connected with new collaborators. The UK Government is committed to delivering at least 10% of SAF in the UK aviation fuel mix by 2030 and Innovate UK Business Connect is helping that ambition become a reality.

Peruse the selection of speakers and join us online. Scroll down to see the recordings from the past events in the series.

A tip – when we talk about SAF, we are talking about sustainable forms of kerosene (Jet-A1 or JP8 for e.g.).

Current Agenda – Cafes

Upcoming events

Session 8 – 18 April 2024
10:30-11:15 – SASHA Coalition: addressing aviation’s ‘green hydrogen gap’
Nuala Doyle, Policy Officer, SASHA Coalition

Session 9 – 16 May 2024
10:30-11:15 – E-Fuel production, utilisation and emissions
Professor Mohamed Pourkashanian OBE, Managing Director, Sustainable Aviation Fuels Innovation Centre, University of Sheffield

Session 10 – 20 June 2024
10:30-11:15 – Green Hydrogen: The building block for green skies
Ian Collier, Head of Business Development, Protium

Session 11 – 18 July 2024
10:30-11:15 – DAC to SAF
Philip Hargreaves, CEO, Carbonbit

Session 12 – 15 August 2024
10:30-11:15 – Sustainable Aviation topic TBC
Isobel Gibson, Senior Consultant, ICF

Session 13 – 19 September 2024
10:30-11:15 – Energy and Feedstock Availability for SAFs: Where are we now? What do we need?
Paola A. Saenz Cavazos, Research Associate, Imperial College London

Session 14 – 17 October 2024
10:30-11:15 – Powering planes with poo
James Hygate, CEO, Firefly Green Fuel

Session 15 – 21 November 2024
10:30-11:15 – Tees Valley sustainable aviation fuels strategy
Kumar Patchigolla, Professor of Decarbonisation of Industrial Clusters, Net Zero Industry Innovation Centre, Teeside University

Past events

Session 1 – 16 November 2023 (no recording, as this was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances)

Session 2 – 7 December 2023 (see recording below)
10:30 – 11:15 – Sustainable Aviation Fuel – Pre-screening
Dr Ehsan Alborzi, Theme Leader, Sustainable Aviation Fuel-Innovation Center (SAF-IC) , The University of Sheffield

Session 3 – 18 January 2024 (see recording below: click here to download the slides)
10:30 – 11:15 – SPOCC Reactor – combining biogas with air to produce syngas
Ken Omersa, Director, Omnagen Ltd

Session 4 – 1 February 2024 (see recording below: click here to download the slides)
10:30 – 11:15 – Scalable Synthetic SAF
Alex Chikhani, CEO, CirculAIRity

Session 5 – 15 February 2024 (see recording below: click here to download the slides)
10:30 – 11:15 – CO2 to jet fuel in one step
Andrew Symes, CEO, OXCCU

Session 6 – 7 March 2024 (see recording below: click here to download the slides)
10:30 – 11:15 – Quality and Carbon Intensity consideration of e-SAF
Duncan Preston, Commercial Lead, Mission Zero Technologies Ltd

Session 7 – 21 March 2024 (see recording below: click here to download the slides)
10:30 – 11:15 – Biomass and non-recyclable waste gasification for SAF production
Robert Hardy, GIDARA Energy

Watch recordings from past events in the series (most recent recordings are first)

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