Energy innovation for sustainable processing and manufacturing in African AgriFood

Watch on replay to find out more about innovation around sustainable processing and manufacturing in AgriFood in Africa.

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09.30 - 12.00



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Who is this for?

  • Individuals, academics and organisations interested in innovation around renewable energy in African AgriFood processing and manufacturing
  • AgriFood companies involved in manufacturing or processing in the UK or Africa who want to incorporate energy efficient processing and manufacturing technologies into their businesses
  • Organisations of all sizes working on new technologies to increase manufacturing, processing and post harvest loss efficiencies with technology providers, in the UK or Africa

Webinar recordings are now available

Welcome & Introduction - Joanna Scales, Innovate UK KTN

Energy innovation for sustainable processing and manufacturing in African AgriFood - Kilian Blumenthal, Water and Energy for Food

Introduction to the Africa Centre of Excellence for sustainable cooling and cold chain - Natalia Falagá, Cranfield University

Energy challenges - Simon Derrick, Blue Skies

Energy challenges - Samuel Maina, Equatorial Nut Processors Ltd

Energy innovations - Trevor Rees, EnSo Impact

Energy innovations - Penny Morton, Koolmill Systems Ltd

Energy innovations - Simon Ighofose, PyroGenesys

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