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Innovative training to maximise value for front-line workers


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Innovative training to maximise value for front-line workers

As co-founder and director of Taye Training, Tammy is leading the charge to revolutionise the way training is delivered to key working services such as the police, charities, and the NHS.

She believes that quality training really can transform lives, and was determined to overcome her complex and difficult past to champion change and overcome the generational cycles of abuse. Tammy’s lived experiences have been bolstered by extensive experience working in social care, homelessness services, the prison service, children’s charities and six years as the CEO for a charity working to prevent sexual abuse.

All of this gave her a deep empathy and understanding to draw from when developing her innovative training methodology – Training 4 Influence.

“This is a creative solution for frontline services that are struggling with the increased need for their services and a lack of time and money,” she says. “The methodology is values-led, expert, tailored, and engaging, with a focus on lived trauma-informed training. It is designed to ensure that every moment of training delivery is impactful, and builds resilience and motivation in attendees.”

Tammy is a Lay member on the House of Commons Committee for Standards and is on the Westminster Abbey Fellowship program. She is the author of the book ‘Transform Your Training’ and delivered a TEDx talk on ‘Why Kindness Makes All the Difference.’


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