Rebecca Allam

Using AI to improve surgical outcomes through prehabilitation







South West England



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Using AI to improve surgical outcomes through prehabilitation

Rebecca Allam is a doctor with over 10 years’ experience as a haematologist, treating patients with some of the most aggressive diseases. Throughout her career she noticed the lack of access to prehabilitation – rehabilitation before surgery – and the impact it had on patients’ outcomes.

Recognising that technology could help solve this problem, she founded PreActiv, a web and app-based platform that uses supervised learning AI to create personalised prehabilitation programs. The platform widens access to effective prehabilitation to reduce the risk of post-op complications by 51%, cut hospital stays by a third and enable quicker patient recovery.  From the healthcare provider’s perspective, this simultaneously reduces the demand on hospital staff, lowers spending and significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the sector.

Rebecca is a woman tech leader and mother, with a mission to empower women in technology and break down the barriers they face. She applied to the Women in Innovation Programme for funding, mentoring, and business support to help achieve her 5-year goals, including entering the US market.

Alongside this, she has a dream: “I want to create a future where my daughter has the same opportunities as my son, and where mothers are not penalised for their parenting choices.”

With the help of the Women in Innovation community, Rebecca hopes to make this vision a reality, while continuing her journey as a leader and growing PreActiv into a company that has a positive impact on millions of lives.


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