Michelle Connor

Harnessing AI technology to transform access to coordinated healthcare






Northern Ireland



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Harnessing AI technology to transform access to coordinated healthcare

Michelle Connor’s life changed when her second child, Lydia, was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, leaving her profoundly disabled. Michelle took the decision to put a successful career in the Northern Ireland Department of Health on hold, dedicating herself to a relentless schedule of therapy.

Ultimately, the experience gave her a new focus in life – to ensure that effective therapy provision is readily accessible and genuinely bespoke. The outcome was Kinva, a data-driven software platform that connects therapists to their clients, using AI and machine learning to improve access and client outcomes while reducing professional overwhelm, cost and carbon footprint.

Despite having experience in both finance and healthcare, the route to launching Kinva has been challenging at times. But it’s Michelle’s experience as a mum to a disabled child that has really driven her success.

“I am inspired every single day by my daughter,” she says. “There are so many things in life that we all take for granted. She has to work so hard for every single one. And she does it every day. So that’s our guiding principle at Kinva too – set the goals, work hard. Climb the mountain, one step at a time.”


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