Laura Bayliss

A safe space for the memories you want to save





North West England


Digital & Creative

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A safe space for the memories you want to save

Laura Bayliss has had a successful business career, with many highs, she now uses her creative, technical, communication and leadership skills as the Sole Founder of tech-for-good company TimeTrove

TimeTrove is an interactive digital platform that helps people sort and treasure their most meaningful memories. It was inspired by losing many loved ones and experiencing first hand the difficulties of managing the vast amounts of digital content left behind as well as seeing the negative effects of social media and a generation obsessed with likes for self-validation. 

“Gone are the days when we recorded our lives with a few printed photographs and took time to put our favourites into photo albums to pass on through the generations. Now we collate tonnes of digital ‘stuff’ and it’s all organised right?”

TimeTrove offers members a way to curate your most meaningful moments, memories mementoes or memoirs. Special images, videos, audio and words like sentimental messages or less tangible snippets of knowledge, family stories or the sound of someone’s laughter. A safe, private place where you can post your actual face without filters. No likes, no comments, no judgement.

As a wheelchair user, Laura is determined to inspire other women, parents and disabled entrepreneurs to pursue their own business goals. As well as encouraging women into tech, raise awareness of issues surrounding mental health, end-of-life planning, organ donation and the importance of digital legacy.


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