Kate Drury

Harnessing a passion for wool to tackle microplastics pollution in our waterways


Sustainable Rope Ltd




Yorkshire and the Humber



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Harnessing a passion for wool to tackle microplastics pollution in our waterways

Kate Drury has been working in the agricultural industry for the past 30 years, first on the family farm in Northamptonshire where she helped lamb 700 ewes, including a pedigree flock of Berrichons. Showing and promoting the breed around the UK only increased her passion for wool, which led her to a masters in sustainable agriculture at the The Royal Agricultural University.

“I came to understand the essential transition we must make to natural products to assist ecosystem renewal as quickly as possible,” says Kate. “Wool is a biogenic resource that can be deployed to assist with this. In the last year I have set up a business manufacturing commercial wool rope and working on a PhD to capture its characteristics and potential.”

Kate’s business, Sustainable Rope, is developing a natural fibre alternative to synthetic ropes for the aqua-culture and mari-culture industries in order to reduce microplastics polluting our waterways. Marine rope pollution is now believed to be a significant ecological problem and Kate wants to empower big industry to convert to a natural fibre rope or adapt their business model to reduce their dependence on synthetic products.

Kate’s long term ambition is to head up a successful company that has championed innovation providing solutions for our environmental crises, to be a “go to” person as a mentor in agriculture and business and to be a game changer for our wool industry.


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