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Boosting fitness through interactive gaming


TurboGaming LTD



South West (England)



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Boosting fitness through interactive gaming

As an aspiring junior sportswoman, Joanne Redmile had represented her native Zimbabwe in rowing, squash and sailing by the time she was 18. Today, as a parent and based in the UK, she’s become increasingly aware how expensive and inaccessible sports are in comparison to her African childhood.

“I know I’m not the only working mother who struggles to balance their child’s screen time with adequate physical activity,” she says.

Drawing on her personal experience in sport and tech start-ups, Joanne’s answer is TurboGaming. This revolutionary bicycle-games-controller converts PlayStation and Xbox racing games into pedal-powered fitness opportunities, enabling children to improve their activity and fitness levels.

Joanne sees TurboGaming as something that will particularly serve the neurodiverse community of which she is a part. “Exercise boosts mood, improves sleep quality, reduces the symptoms of ADHD and increases brain-derived neurotrophic factor which primes the brain for learning. So youngsters with ADHD reap disproportionate benefits from accessible exercise.”

As TurboGaming approaches the beta-testing phase, the company’s go-to-market strategy needs to be implemented and the Innovate UK Women in Innovation Award is a key part of Joanne’s plan. “The support of this award will be instrumental in us achieving our ambitious longer term goals.”


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