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Sustainable washing machine that reuses filtered shower water


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Sustainability & Circular Economy

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Sustainable washing machine that reuses filtered shower water

Joanna Power is Director and Lead Designer at Lylo Products, a company that aims to promote water efficiency by filtering and reusing water for household tasks. Despite being a relatively recent graduate from Brunel University London, with a degree in Product Design Engineering, she already has previous experience as a design engineer for two clean-tech start-ups.

In fact, she is passionate about hardware that benefits people and the planet, designing a portable washing machine that recycles shower water in response to a problem she faced as a student.

Facing a confidence barrier as she navigated the world of entrepreneurialism, Joanna found it challenging to become bold and unapologetic in the face of societal gender expectations. She credits her participation in the Young Innovator’s programme with Innovate UK for helping her build more confidence, a strong business case and the necessary ‘non-technical’ business skills.

Joanna is excited to provide a role model for other young girls who are interested in tech. And through the Women in Innovation Programme, she is looking to expand her team, gain insights into hardware pilots, and collect valuable data and feedback.

She says: “England is set to run short of water within 25 years which means we need to start using what we have more strategically and do what we can to preserve this precious resource.”


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