Iris Quasar Grunwald

Developing flow sensor technology for medical, agricultural, aquatic and domestic needs


Nvention Ltd.




Electronics sensors & photonics

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Developing flow sensor technology for medical, agricultural, aquatic and domestic needs 

Iris Quasar Grunwald is an interventional neuroradiologist conducting procedures in the brain. As the co-founder of Brainomix she helped develop the first AI solution for image interpretation in acute stroke. Other innovations include her work on the world’s first Hybrid-Mobile Stroke Unit, an ambulance carrying a CT scanner that allows diagnosis and treatment at the site of emergency.

Now she has co-founded Nvention Ltd. and is working to introduce new flow sensor technology – an electronic device measuring or regulating the flow of liquids and gases inside tubes and pipes. Their design has potential for application in a huge range of areas, including domestic, medical, agricultural and aquatic.

Iris also holds a US pilot’s licence and competes in aerobatics. Both her profession and flying hobby are both highly male-dominated. “From all these endeavours, I have learned to pay close attention to details, as small mistakes can make a big impact.”

She sees the Innovate UK Women in Innovation award as a great way of furthering Nvention’s goals. “As a woman entrepreneur without sufficient financial backing I believe I cannot make it completely on my own. I am hoping to learn about technological or financial aspects  from experts that have an open mind towards innovation and ideas.”


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