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Changing the world of music licensing in choreographed sports









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Changing the world of music licensing in choreographed sports

When several cheerleading organisations were sued for copyright infringement by Sony, it spelled disaster for Chantal Epp’s favourite sport. It was decreed that popular music could only be used in sporting events if it was licensed.

Fortunately Chantal’s job was in music rights, so she set about creating a business that would help anyone involved in choreographed sports to avoid the tortuous red tape that comes with licensing a track or mix.

ClicknClear helps protect performance sports and fitness organisations from legal infringements so they can use music without worry and grow their online audiences.

Although this innovative tech led solution has won Chantal’s company music industry plaudits, raising money has continued to be a struggle. “The creative industries typically get access to less funding and unfortunately due to the way the music industry works, there is a high cost to enter the market when using popular music.”

She says that this Award will help secure the final piece of the ClicknClear puzzle. The MixM8™ will be an audio mixing tool incorporating eight count sheets into the music mixing experience to help sports and fitness customers tailor licensable music to their routines.


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