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A sustainable approach to battery recycling


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Sustainability & Circular Economy

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A sustainable approach to battery recycling

A.K. Ola Hekselman is a visionary battery scientist and entrepreneur, who has spent the past 10 years in academia working on next generation materials for Li-ion batteries. Her passion for the environment and her drive to bring about positive change led her to co-create Solveteq, to bring a sustainable approach to battery recycling technologies.

She says: “We are not attempting to redesign the entire recycling process but rather address its most economically and environmentally challenging step – removing the lead from lead-acid batteries and overcoming the informal recycling practices that result in lead pollution. An issue that is particularly relevant in water-sources and communities within low and middle-income countries (LMICs).”

At the same time, Solveteq’s technology will provide the UK and international recycling companies with sustainable technology to substantially reduce their expenditure on energy and environmental control.

Ola is excited that the funding, peer support, and business support afforded by the Innovate UK Women in Innovation Award will help Solveteq bring their technology to market. She also hopes that their work will encourage more women and girls from diverse backgrounds to tackle global challenges through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Her advice to others following in her footsteps? “Innovation is a challenging path and having the right support at every stage of the journey is essential.”


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