Mitigating Open-Source Software Risk for SMEs






Edinburgh Napier University




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Market Need

The team at TrueDeploy understands that securing software code is a daunting task, especially for SMEs without cybersecurity expertise or sufficient resources.

Current solutions provide minimal insights and generic recommendations about improving software security, rather than customised insights and recommendations. TrueDeploy bridges the gap between management, security, and development teams through an easy-to-use AI solution.


While completing his PhD, CEO and Project Lead, Pavlos Papadopoulos identified a real-world application for his research. Joining forces with a diverse and complementary team of experts, has enabled him to commercialise.

As opposed to other complex developeroriented solutions, TrueDeploy offers a simplified, single view of a company’s software security status, accessible to even non-security experts. It continuously monitors software libraries to identify vulnerabilities and licensing compliance breaches.

TrueDeploy’s platform correlates this information with the development
team’s activities, providing insights and recommendations to improve a company’s security posture.

Target Market

  • Y1 (2024): UK Tech SMEs
  • Y2 (2025): EU FinTechs
  • Y3 (2026): Enterprise customers and US Expansion

Status & Needs

  • PoC ready, first revenue-generating MVP imminent
  • Building the TrueDeploy Vulnerability Database
  • AI/NLP models being trained to provide insights & recommendations
  • Further investment
  • Clients to test the product in a real world setting

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