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Palladium electroplated tungsten semiconductor probes to minimise Palladium use in semiconductor test



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About the project

TauProbes is the only UK manufacturer of semiconductor test probes for the global semiconductor test market. We offer test probes based on a tungsten probe body. The Innovate UK funded project will enable TauProbes to develop a Palladium plating process for the tips of our probes to enhance performance. This will enable TauProbes to produce the world’s most performant semiconductor test probes but with just a fraction of the expensive Palladium used in the leading high-performance probes on the market today.

The probe technology has been designed from the start to allow damaged probes within a probe card to be repaired; this project will extend this further to enable the re-platting of worn probes. The removal of most of the Palladium in the probe will remove the need to import this material from Russia for the semiconductor test market. TauProbes is a key player in the on-going on-shoring of the semiconductor chip manufacture and test supply chain with its UK designed and manufactured state-of-the-art semiconductor test probe.


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