Batri Limited


Increasing resource efficiency and sustainability of hard carbon synthesis


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About the project

Batri is a UK Based SME. Batri seeks to collaborate with the Materials and Manufacturing Research Institute at Swansea University (SU), to create an innovative, UK-produced hard carbon from coal. The project aims to assess the feasibility of using coal as a sustainable feedstock for hard carbon production, offering benefits such as reduced cost and environmental impact of battery manufacturing.

By utilising coal instead of biomass for anode production, the project aims to support the now largely underserved UK mining sector (predominantly Wales and Northern England). This UK-based supply-chain improves overall sustainability, and the overreliance and associated environmental impacts, of hard carbon use across the industry.

By developing a new hard carbon synthesis method specifically aimed at sodium battery technology and using sustainable UK-sourced materials, this pioneering project will pave the way for a new standard of battery material production. This removes the necessity for energy-intensive organic to hard carbon conversion, providing significant carbon savings in line with UK net zero emissions targets.


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