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The app reducing air pollution exposure for London Underground users


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The app reducing air pollution exposure for London Underground users

As a born and raised Londoner, Tanya is well-accustomed to the London Underground. However, Tanya recently learnt that the Underground was exposing users to air pollution (PM2.5) up to seven times the World Health Organisation’s recommended safe limit.

She started CAIR London, a mobile app that generates less polluted routes for users to travel on. It’s designed to help people find environmentally friendly and cost-efficient ways to travel around London, without having to worry about their health.

Tanya believes that her business idea has become more relevant since the pandemic in 2020, when everyone experienced the detrimental effects of a lung-based virus. It became even more hard-hitting for Tanya when her father passed away on a ventilator in 2021, prompting her to launch her business.

“Nobody should have to struggle to breathe through the consequences of something out of their control. Travelling to work, using the Tube to visit family or meeting friends in Central London should not come at the cost of our health – and what’s worse, nobody seems to be aware of the problem,” Tanya says.


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