Shannyce Adamson

Designing foldable, sustainable clothing hangers to reduce landfill waste


Easy Hang






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Designing foldable, sustainable clothing hangers to reduce landfill waste

Growing up in Kenya, Shannyce Adamson had a strong connection to nature. She was taught that items should be reused and recycled: an empty ice cream tub could be a food container and coconut shells could be used as bowls.

Shannyce had the idea for Easy Hang while working in the fashion industry, first as a store assistant and then at London Fashion Week. She saw first-hand the amount of waste that was produced from unused and unwanted hangers.

Out of this, she started Easy Hang, a range of clothing hangers with independent foldable arms. These help to preserve the quality of clothes and can be used for storage or travelling. The flexible nature also makes them useful for people with a limited range of motion.

Easy Hang has secured design patents in the UK, EU, USA and Japan, and Shannyce recently manufactured an initial 2,500 units.

She explains:

“The last two and a half years have been spent on R&D to ensure that the product is innovative, sustainable and durable. I want to ensure it addresses the multitude of environmental problems associated with clothing hangers, such as the 100 million hangers that end up in landfill every year in the UK alone.”



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