Satyajith Botcha

Saving the planet with tastier plant-based meat alternatives


Radiant Foods






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Saving the planet with tastier plant-based meat alternatives

Satyajith Botcha moved from India to the UK at 17 years old. A big fan of playing football, he undertook a lot of strength training and increased his protein intake to improve his performance.

In 2020, Satyajith realised the detrimental effects that his diet had on both animals and the environment. He decided to make the switch to a plant-based diet, but soon discovered that the meat alternatives on the market were ultra-processed and tasted bland.

Satyajith decided to take this issue into his own hands and make his own meat alternative – soon after, his business was born.

Since launching Radiant Foods (previously known as Sow Foods), Satyajith has sold thousands of units and gained numerous five-star reviews. He’s hopeful that the Young Innovators Award will enable him to develop his strategy, build B2B relationships and scale his manufacturing capacity.

“Our long-term ambition is to replace meat with plant-based alternatives while providing all the nutritional benefits of meat. We hope to build a food system in which food doesn’t cost our environment, mitigates animal slaughter and improves overall human health,” Satyajith says.



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