Samuel Munday

Using deep-learning AI neural networks to unlock data sources in chemistry


Data Revival


South East England



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Using deep-learning AI neural networks to unlock data sources in chemistry

The idea for starting Data Revival came from a feeling. Founder Samuel Munday says he strongly believed that he could apply his knowledge of chemistry, maths and programming to create impactful solutions in society.

The team is developing a set of artificial intelligence (AI) tools that unlock historical and current data sources in the field of chemistry and chemical research.

The Data Revival system can quickly extract accurate information from any document format and create links between information types – such as charts and their labels, or chemical structures and their written formula.

Using deep-learning AI neural networks, Data Revival passes information from structured and unstructured data, extending its knowledge over time.

So far, Samuel has developed a minimum viable product (MVP) which he’s trialling with potential customers. He hopes it will enable the industry to use its data better, and improve its ability to innovate faster.

“I hope to use the programme to fail fast and have a safe space to get all the mistakes out the way as I grow Data Revival. If I come out the other end as a more rounded and knowledgeable founder, it will seriously increase my chances of business success.”


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