Reianna Shakil

Boosting accessibility and tackling design flaws in the humble hairdryer


Studio ZRX





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Boosting accessibility and tackling design flaws in the humble hairdryer

Reianna Shakil’s innovation started off as a university brief to redesign an object commonly found in the home. She chose the hairdryer, an item which she’d always been frustrated with the design of.

It was only when Reianna conducted research that she realised many people shared her dissatisfaction. She discovered that the majority of existing hairdryer concepts were designed by men, despite one worldwide survey suggesting nearly 80 per cent of hairdryer users were women.

Reianna’s modern reinvention of the hairdryer, Pebble, will be the first product launched by her business, Studio ZRX. She’s currently designing and 3D printing prototypes that will be cordless, compact and intuitive.

Winning the Young Innovators Award has been a huge boost to Reianna’s self confidence. After a difficult trajectory through university and an ADHD diagnosis five months before graduation, she’s now excited to move forward and explore her design passions.

“I’ve regained the ambition, determination and self belief to succeed in what I’m most passionate about. I have been applying for every opportunity that comes my way to push myself as a designer and see what I’m capable of,” she says.



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