Poppy Pippin

Using moss-covered terracotta tiles to reduce air pollution in urban areas


Moss Tiles




Sustainability & Circular Economy

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Using moss-covered terracotta tiles to reduce air pollution in urban areas

Poppy Pippin grew up in a polluted area of London and suffered from asthma. This experience gave her the idea for Moss Tiles, a new solution for reducing outdoor air pollution in urban areas.

She uses terracotta tiles designed with indentations to promote the growth of moss. The moss converts nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide into oxygen, and the leaves capture tiny particles of particulate matter. Particulate matter contains microscopic solids or liquid droplets, which can cause serious health problems if inhaled.

The terracotta tiles can easily be fixed onto buildings and the moss brings additional greenery and biodiversity to urban spaces. Poppy also hopes Moss Tiles will encourage a greater connection between people and nature.

The business is currently in the development stage, as Poppy works to refine the pattern, material and design of her working prototype.

“The business support, mentoring and dedicated work time that the Young Innovators Award provides is vital to developing and moving the project forward into a business. I feel very excited and privileged to be one of the winners,” Poppy says.



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