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The fibre-rich drink designed to improve gut health


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The fibre-rich drink designed to improve gut health

Northern Ireland-born Paul McCreery was a professional table tennis player for almost 20 years and has always been passionate about health and wellness.

While competing, he adopted a plant-based, high-fibre diet. He now believes fibre is key to improving people’s health across society.

Paul found that only nine percent of the UK were achieving their recommended intake of fibre. That meant a large proportion of people were missing out on all its benefits, from good digestive health to reduced risk of heart disease. And so, FUNKI was born.

FUNKI is a tasty, convenient way to support your gut health by increasing your fibre intake, containing 50 percent of your RDA. Having proven the concept with the University of Nottingham, he’s now creating the first batch to take to market in 2023.

Paul was delighted to be selected for the Young Innovators programme and looks forward to meeting other entrepreneurs and business mentors:

“I want FUNKI to become the go-to soft drink for consumers who want to improve their digestive health and look after their gut. I would love to hire, grow and manage a team of FUNKI gut health enthusiasts who are all on board the mission of solving the ‘fibre gap’.”


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