Nicci James

Using innovative design methods to create mono-material garments





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Using innovative design methods to create mono-material garments

Nicci James is a fashion graduate and a self-described “knitwear engineer”. After completing a Master’s in Fashion Knitwear, she is using innovative design methods to harness wool’s inherent ability to felt.

Nicci uses knitted structures to engineer strength directly into the fabric, which removes the need for added interfacings, stabilisers or linings. This creates mono-material garments that are easier to reprocess.

With several collaborations under her belt, Nicci is now in the process of prototyping products within her design and manufacturing system. She hopes that the Young Innovators programme will help her to grow her business knowledge and pave the way for entering a commercial environment.

“The process I’ve developed explores a new, innovative way that we can design and process wool products, exploiting the unique ability of the fibre to felt. I am keen to prove the commercial viability of my innovation so it can grow beyond what’s possible in my small studio,” Nicci explains.



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