Michael Roberts

Reinventing aircrafts to be more accessible and affordable for all









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Reinventing aircrafts to be more accessible and affordable for all

Wales-based Michael Roberts is a keen aviator and has had a passion for aircraft engineering for years. After building model aircrafts in his early teens, Michael now aims to develop a British light aircraft with lower costs and emissions.

TechFlite is an electric aircraft that is specifically designed to be more affordable to manufacture. By using electrical propulsion, it will also be cheaper to operate, and Michael hopes this will allow more people to pursue aviation as a career or hobby.

Currently in the detail design stage, Michael plans to start fabricating parts in the new year. His advice to other innovators just starting out is to make sure their idea is sound.

“Research and development are very different things that are commonly talked about under the same heading. Innovation is about doing something new, untested and unproven, so be sure your idea is focused more on the research. Once proven, it can be developed under your business,” he says.


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