Megan Hale

Boosting diversity in STEM with a repair-at-home subscription service for kids


Team Repair



South East (England)


Sustainability & Circular Economy

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Boosting diversity in STEM with a repair-at-home subscription service for kids

Megan Hale founded her business to solve two of Britain’s biggest pressing challenges: the lack of diversity in STEM and the electronic waste crisis.

Team Repair aims to inspire a new generation of engineers and scientists, and encourage people to live more sustainably.

It’s the first sustainable subscription service that teaches children science, technology and how to repair electronic items. Every month, children are sent an electronic gadget with carefully planned faults, and given the tools and guidance to fix them.

The repaired gadgets are then sent back to the team for repurposing and reusing. This effectively reduces the costs, leaves zero clutter for parents and most importantly reduces electronic waste.

With a waitlist of over 300, Team Repair has tested the project with hundreds of families in East London. Megan hopes to launch next year with the support of the Young Innovators programme.

“Team Repair is on a mission to teach everyone to fix, and to instil a repairing mindset in the next generation to solve the e-waste problem of today. We hope to inspire the next generation of diverse, sustainability-minded engineers and scientists, so they can solve the unknown future problems of tomorrow,” Megan says.



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