Maya Raichoora

Pioneering a mental fitness revolution through immersive events








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Pioneering a mental fitness revolution through immersive events

As with many successful innovations, Maya Raichoora’s idea was born out of her own personal experience. She was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a chronic irritable bowel disease, when she was 15.

Many years of excruciating mental and physical pain followed, but Maya eventually found help through the power of a technique called visualisation. She co-founded her business VIVE in 2021, to help others learn the technique and take control of their physical, mental and emotional health.

Maya describes her work as “pioneering a mental fitness revolution”. VIVE delivers immersive mental fitness events for professionals and organisations, teaching visualisation to rewire the brain and improve the way people think and feel.

She hopes to improve her business skills on the Young Innovators programme, then ultimately take the business global:

“As we grow and scale the business, I’m keen to develop my leadership, teamwork and entrepreneurship skills. I’m looking forward to the mentorship and workshops – I want to experiment with different marketing strategies and understand the best way to do this.”


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