Marietta Hickman

Creating vegan granola to support recovery from eating disorders


Cheeky Nibble



East of England


Food & Drink

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Creating vegan granola to support recovery from eating disorders

Marietta Hickman started cereal and on-the-go snack business Cheeky Nibble with flavours inspired by the nostalgic desserts of her childhood. It’s one of the only vegan, gluten-free and nut-free granolas on the market, with 100 percent compostable packaging.

Marietta is autistic and has Tourette’s syndrome, which means she gets involuntary tics when she’s anxious. She first started baking because it helped to reduce her anxiety and improve her mental health.

Her aim for the business is to spread joy and positivity through food at an affordable price point. As she explains, granola is a common “fear food” among those with eating disorders, and many of her customers are young women in recovery who have used Cheeky Nibble to restore their relationship with food.

Marietta applied for the Young Innovators Awards in order to launch her “mini boxes”, which she hopes will make Cheeky Nibble more accessible to a wider market.

“I was thrilled to be announced as a winner. It will allow me to launch my mini versions and fulfil my goals to be more accessible. As a young founder, it really gave me a boost of confidence that my brand and ideas have value,” Marietta says.


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