Lydia Carrick

Bringing resources and support for amputees into the digital age





East of England



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Bringing resources and support for amputees into the digital age

When Lydia Carrick’s dad lost his leg in a motorbike accident, her family was shocked by the lack of support for new amputees.

Lydia remembers that there was little guidance from the NHS about returning home and managing mental health. When she managed to stumble across relevant information by chance, the nearest support groups were over an hour’s drive away. As she puts it: “we faced the unknown completely alone”.

It sparked the idea for Apputee, a phone-based app that allows amputees to discover online resources, services and communities tailored to their recovery. With 12 years of marketing experience under her belt, Lydia plans to tap into her expertise to highlight the resources available and raise awareness of amputation-related disabilities.

“The mentoring the Young Innovators programme offers will be very useful for me. I am a new entrepreneur, so I look forward to getting advice from people who have gone before me. I’m ecstatic and yet incredibly nervous!” Lydia says.


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