Khaled Ayad

The coding tool giving kids a practical application of STEM skills




West Midlands



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The coding tool giving kids a practical application of STEM skills

Khaled Ayad arrived in the UK when he was just five years-old. He grew up in a poor neighbourhood in Birmingham knowing little English, but explains that his parents worked hard to ensure he got the best education possible. He attended a grammar school and now has a role as a visiting lecturer at the University of Wolverhampton.

Khaled’s passion for mathematics and coding led him to start RobocodeUK. The company aims to help young people develop coding and robotics skills, regardless of their background or education.

RobocodeUK’s programmes allows children to link their STEM knowledge with practical applications, like building drones and creating their own unique innovations. Khaled describes the programmes as creating a “door for innovation”.

He adds:

“We want more people to be as passionate about robotics and coding as we are, in order to help the future economy of the UK. We know that there is a huge skills gap and a shortage in the market, and that these experts will be essential. Our aim is to fulfil that need.”


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