Julius Crutchley

The gaming controller reducing injury risk and unfair competition






South East (England)



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The gaming controller reducing injury risk and unfair competition

Like many others, Julius Crutchley rediscovered one of his childhood passions during the Covid lockdown – playing console video games with his older brothers.

However, when his brother bought a state-of-the-art console controller and started to dominate the game, Julius realised he was facing a problem experienced by millions of other players. He had the skills to compete but, as a student, lacked the income for the required accessories.

He started GettaGrip, a range of affordable, performance-enhancing console controller accessories which also reduce the risk of injury while playing. His long-term ambition is to be the mass-market solution to unfair competition within competitive gaming.

In addition to testing his minimum viable product (MVP), Julius is looking forward to accessing the business advice and guidance on the Young Innovators programme.

“I decided to apply for the Young Innovators programme to access the incredible business support offered by Innovate UK. As a young founder, I know that I will really benefit from the advice and consultancy offered as part of the programme,” he explains.


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