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Using machine learning to detect and prevent telecommunication fraud


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Using machine learning to detect and prevent telecommunication fraud

James Drayson started Gotya Technologies after meeting co-founder Felix Ketterer. Both had loved ones that had fallen victim to telephone scams and they realised how rampant the problem was.

Gotya is a mobile application that can detect telecommunication fraud. When an unknown number calls, Gotya records and transcribes the call. It then uses machine learning and natural language processing on the transcript to detect the likelihood of fraud and notify the user.

As James explains, Gotya provides a more sophisticated alternative to “brute-force blocking methods”. These methods often struggle to keep up with new phone numbers or accidentally block legitimate numbers.

So far, James has developed and trained a small-scale, machine-learning prototype that is capable of classifying transcripts into scam or non-scam classes based on call content. His next step is to increase the scope and complete a mobile-based minimum viable product (MVP).

“Despite co-founding Gotya six months ago, I still feel a sense of imposter syndrome. However, being chosen for this programme has given me confidence, not only in myself as an entrepreneur but also in Gotya. I can’t wait to talk with other winners, learn from their experiences and grow together,” he says.


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