Jake Clarke

Developing a high-end, non-binary clothing concept to improve representation




West Midlands



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Developing a high-end, non-binary clothing concept to improve representation

After studying fashion and textiles, Jake Clarke worked as a designer in corporate fashion before leaving to pursue a career as a freelance, genderless fashion designer.

Their idea is to create an experience for underrepresented individuals who don’t fit into the binary nature of high street and high-end fashion stores. Its name? Themswear.

Jake wants to work with the individual and create a tailored experience, while making people feel included in what everyone else has access to. Their brand will remove the idea that gender-fluid clothing is a trend or a concept, and make it as accessible and visible as all binary departments on a shop floor.

Jake is currently conducting market research, developing a brand identity and sourcing clients. They want to use the Young Innovators programme to bring focus to their ideas.

“I want to create a business that makes a positive social impact. I have the ideas and some business knowledge, but I need that reassurance and guiding hand to bounce ideas off and to be told ‘that’s too much’.”


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