Jake Biele

Providing cutting-edge photonic components to help scientists develop new technologies


Light Trace Photonics




South West (England)



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Providing cutting-edge photonic components to help scientists develop new technologies

Jake Biele is a lifelong science-fiction fan who has spent the last four years of his PhD studying the intricacies of light – otherwise known as photonics.

Passionate about bringing technology out of the lab and into the world, Jake’s work brings all manner of sci-fi to life, from quantum computing to 3D imaging.

At Light Trace Photonics, he uses photonic microchips – much like the microchips in cell phones, which manipulate light instead of electricity – to provide cutting-edge photonic components.

This enables scientists to utilise light to develop new technologies and tackle major challenges, such as climate change or the ageing population. By expanding the range and accessibility of photonic components available, companies can develop feasible photonic solutions which have not been technically or financially viable.

Jake is currently building a prototype device, funded by Innovate UK’s Fast Start grant. He aims to launch his first product in 2024.

“The Young Innovators Award is a formal recognition of the hard work and self-belief I have had to rely on to launch a deep tech startup. Everything I’ve learnt so far about launching a business has been self-taught or from the goodwill of other entrepreneurs,” Jake says.

“I’m looking forward to gaining access to tailored commercial and strategic advice from a mentor that has considerable experience in industry.”


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