Holly Sherlock

The disability and diversity-focused app creating a new social space




South East England


Digital & Creative

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The disability and diversity-focused app creating a new social space

Holly Sherlock came up with the idea for social media app Squiz after experiencing loneliness as a teenager.

The 23 year-old Fine Arts student spent most of her teenage years confined to her home and hospitals due to chronic illness. She had limited social interaction and realised there was nothing to connect people struggling with similar issues.

Squiz is a disability and diversity-focused social media app that aims to encourage, promote and provide a social space for people who feel excluded or underrepresented. After spending time focusing on her own health, Holly is keen to move forward with Squiz and start bridging the gap between social interaction and isolation.

“The Young Innovators Award will help the idea of Squiz evolve into something tangible and elevate it enough for the right people to pay attention. Since the programme also promotes a diversity and inclusion-focused ethos, its backing feels like the perfect fit.”


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