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The rental platform democratising access to high-end consumer technology


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The rental platform democratising access to high-end consumer technology

Growing up in South London, Hawa Mansaray saw raw talent and creativity all around her. Yet time and time again, people’s creative ideas didn’t materialise because they couldn’t access the technology they needed.

Hawa started Rent Equipment Now (R.E.N) to increase access to this technology. As she puts it, the ability to achieve your potential shouldn’t be defined by your ability to buy expensive equipment.

The R.E.N platform will partner with leading brands to allow customers to rent innovative technology. Hawa hopes it will democratise access to high-end consumer technology, enabling everyone from small creatives to budding entrepreneurs to succeed.

Hawa has carried out user testing and validation interviews, and is in the final stages of building the R.E.N platform. She’s looking forward to working with mentors on the Young Innovators programme to develop the company’s strategy.

“I’m looking to get support from amazing mentors who have been through similar processes in building their own businesses. Our next big milestone is securing brand partners to get some of the most innovative technology onto the platform, so I’m really looking forward to delving into strategic thinking, short-term and long-term roadmapping, and effective marketing,” Hawa says.



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