Hannah Lee

Transforming the way we consume media by identifying bias in articles




Yorkshire and the Humber


Digital & Creative

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Transforming the way we consume media by identifying bias in articles

After studying sociology at university, Hannah Lee developed an interest in how society operates and the dynamics between institutions and individuals. She started Truly to improve the way that the media and consumers interact with each other for information.

Truly gives online users the ability to identify topics, themes, biases and triggers in online articles. At the start of an article, Truly is able to flag one-sided reporting, discriminatory language and trigger warnings for sensitive content.

For heavily biased articles, a second feature will also recommend alternative articles that offer a different perspective.

Hannah hopes that her idea will change the way that people approach, understand and consume media. She also believes that the mentoring support offered through the Young Innovators Award will give Truly its best shot at success.

“The mentoring will be extremely important. I will benefit from advice and guidance in areas like growing and managing a team, best practices for tracking the project and useful strategies to reach out and engage the media,” says Hannah.


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