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Using artificial intelligence to foster a greater understanding of black hair care









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Using artificial intelligence to foster a greater understanding of black hair care

Flora Boa has always been passionate about working on projects that combine tech and social innovation.

It’s that drive that has led Flora to set up a new data analytics and ecommerce platform, Kasaie. Alongside her co-founder, Flora launched the business out of frustration with the black hair care industry.

Flora had seen first-hand how black hair care is often neglected and underrepresented within the mainstream hair care industry. Using an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot for a virtual consultation, Kasaie provides information and recommendations for products and haircare services. It also allows consumers to create profiles which update as they interact.

The data is then anonymised and placed onto dashboards for brands to better understand the habits, preferences and interests of their audience.

“We saw this programme as an opportunity to help us work more efficiently towards our launch and provide more visibility and credibility to Kasaie,” she explains.

“As a founder you often face rejection, especially as a black woman, so this is a great confidence boost. I’m looking to learn more effective communication and negotiation techniques to build my confidence in approaching individuals and companies.”



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