Fergal Mackie

Inventing body-powered prosthetics that don’t need electronics











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Inventing body-powered prosthetics that don’t need electronics

Growing up, Scotland-based Fergal Mackie was always interested in making things. That’s why he decided to study mechanical engineering, then product design engineering – to fulfil his passion for building things.

It was when Fergal fell over, breaking both of his wrists, that his interest for hand prosthetics was ignited. Rendered essentially handless for the summer before his final year at university, he quickly had to discover innovative ways to complete his daily tasks.

Fergal set out to invent a fully body-powered prosthetic hand with his business, Metacarpal. He built the first prototype from his bedroom and has big dreams for the company. With the help of the Young Innovators Award, he hopes to begin selling by 2024.

“I want Metacarpal to completely change the upper-limb prosthetics industry by setting a new standard of products that competitors are chasing to catch up with. I then want to find a way to distribute this technology where it is needed most – in developing countries and war zones,” he says.



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